My First….

My First….


My First post as a blogger in wordpress…Those who has a green mind..probably thought about something else with that title…hahaha Sorry to get your hopes up..Am a good girl…or am i? hahaha Anyway…

This year i have experienced some Firsts…As you can see..My blog is named Wandering Girl..If you’re wondering not really a girl who likes to always go somewhere & to go clubbing or to bars..Uhmm let me retract the last part..I was that girl once when i was younger but as soon as i hit mid 20s i kinda shifted from being that girl to a traveler..oh yes…i leveled up..hahaha As i was saying..This year was the first time i went to travel abroad..oh yeah…I’ve been traveling just around the country for the past 3 years & this year i fulfilled my dream to travel abroad..and oh will be followed up to another country..I will make sure of that…hahahaha

Another First is my new job..of course first job..first everything all over again ako..It’s exciting & scary coz i’ll be going everyday to a new office with new people & hopefully a new set of friends..Though i’m missing my ex-officemates..I’m just thankful with all the technology around us..I still get to talk to them thru mobile, chat or email..

So that’s my firsts..And one more thing on my firsts…For the first time in a long time..i’m lost yet again..Hence another meaning for my Wandering Girl name..I thought i can deal with all this drama..I thought i can push away the feelings & just be the friend that he thinks that i am to him..But i’m getting weak..i’m 40% resisting..60% being brave..Hope the brave thing can still go up a notch..

I just wish finding my own way wouldn’t be this hard..

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  1. ummmm indi ako kasama sa mga hulk kinda pipz….
    buti na lang at laking semenaryo ako… dahil kung hindi,
    yon din maiisip ko.. 🙂

    buti ka pa, nakalabas ka na ng pinas…
    ako ung sa canada.. saCANADAw!!!


    ummm kaya mo yan ice…

    just look on the brighter side of it…
    like this one….
    you will not experience the glory
    of being found if you aren’t lost…
    the other way around….
    you will never feel the triumph of finding what was lost
    if none was lost at all…

    pambihira ice….
    naaddict ako dito sa blog mo…
    can’t stop reading!!!



    hahaha gusto ko gawing yearly thing ang pagout of the lang ngayon natapat sa dami ng gastos..nde pa magkaayos sa dates na pwede lahat ng kasama..kaya ang planning on going to HK & Macau sana this year..kaso kinukulit na ko ni kuya & mga relatives namin na bisitahin sila sa yun pag-iipunan ko ngayon at hopefully next year makapunta ko..haha nauubos ang ipon kakagala..hahaha thanks dude!