A New Year..

A New Year..


I know it’s halfway thru January already..But it’s never too late to write about the year that was..Like my post last year, let’s see what happened to my resolutions first..

2010 Resolutions

1. Look for a New Job. Well, what do you know, I did land a new job last May 2010. Like what i said in my post last year. =) lucky me..

2. Buy a Car. I sure am lucky coz I did bought a new car. My Christmas present to myself. hihihi 😉

3. Mag-ipon for travel. Well, my plans to travel didn’t happened. But i didn’t need to save up to travel coz  I got to travel without spending! I got to go to San Francisco CA, Washington DC, Maryland, Pennyslvania & Virginia USA. Let’s include the stopovers on the way to east coast & back, Atlanta GA & Minneapolis. All thanks to my new job..=)

4. Exercise. Uhmmm..this is where i failed. The only exercise i got to do last year was all the walking I did going to & from the office(US & PH)..tsk tsk

5. STOP. I did stop. Thanks to my trip to US, it somehow helped me get over all this nonsense.. 😉

6. Clean up my closet. I didn’t get to clean up my closet last January but when i got back from US i did get to buy a new closet & got to fix up my room. But am not yet done..=)

2010 has been a really good year for me. All my resolutions has been fulfilled. Wel except for the exercise part but hey 5 out of 6 is not bad at all.=) Now let’s see what i have learned & thankful for last year..

1. I learned that perseverance & hard work really does pay off.. just look where I am now. 😉

2. I’m thankful for the new friends that i got to meet & became a part of my life. i love gaining new friends. Friends has always been an important part of my life..=)

3. I discovered NCIS, Criminal Minds & get to love Family Guy & love Bones more. in short i became more of a couch potato than ever..hahahaha

4. I’m thankful for all the blessing that i received and for having another good year. Hope it all keeps on coming..=)

my 2010 Resolutions:

1. Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. well it’s not just exercise that i want to do. I’m also gonna try playing Ultimate Frisbee. =)

2. Save up. Yeah i need to fill up my savings for my future..naks future daw oh..haha

3. More Travel. well yearly may US trip ako(that is if i’m still in my current company right, which i hope will be for at least a long time..). So this travel that i want to have is for leisure with family or friends. I’m not gonna say any plans..*knock on wood for it might not happen*..hahaha

4. Go out more. now that i have my own wheels, imma try not to be an introvert. I need to go out once in a while, i might meet the future man in my life coz of it..hehe 😉

5. Learn more about photography. Since i already have a Lomo camera, i need to learn. Have to attend photography classes. =)


I think that’s it for now. I’ll just add some more if ever some other things comes to mind. =) Happy New Year y’all! =)